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How Our Office is Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with new opportunities for ensuring the safest dental experience. In March 2020, the state of Nebraska required that all Nebraska dental offices close and only be open to emergency cases. During this time, we worked diligently to research the most evidence-based, effective, sterilization strategies. In addition to having our team members wear face shields, masks, isolation gowns and gloves for every patient, we implemented a four point infection control approach to ensuring the highest level of sterilization:

  1. Spray, wipe and then spray again all hard surfaces with hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is nontoxic and is commonly used. For more information visit https://www.hypochlorousacid.com/.
  2. Air fogger with hypochlorous acid (GenEon) which provides intense ceiling to floor air purification trapping potentially problematic airborne particles. This process only takes 2 minutes of contact to disinfect the area whereas Lysol requires 10 minutes.
  3. Continuously running humidifiers in every operatory that disperse hypochlorous acid for additional sterilization security.
  4. Air purifiers in each room that purify the air using UV light.

Added to this will be the CASPR HVAC air purifier. This will take ambient air and convert it to negatively charged molecules, attacking bacteria and viruses (positively charged molecules). Along with Got Smile Dental Group, other Omaha healthcare agencies are implementing this technology. The CASPR device is based on technology developed to protect the astronauts in the International Space Station.

We Re-opened with Confidence on May 4, 2020

When Got Smile Dental Group re-opened, we implemented this four point infection control approach as well as screening every patient outside the building to minimize risk of exposure.

We recommend that when you arrive at our office for your pre-scheduled appointment, call the front desk and let us know you have arrived. A masked yet friendly Got Smile team member will come to your car and have you fill out quick paperwork, take your temperature and oxygen level. We will provide you with a disposable mask if you do not have your own. Once your dental care begins, your Got Smile team member will cue you to remove your mask. We ask that personal items be taken with you to the treatment room and are small enough to hang on a small hook on the wall. This helps us streamline our infection control process. No visitors are allowed with you (possible exceptions are parents with small children or individuals with caregivers). You may notice that the air has a slight haze, which is hypochlorous acid that is being continuously dispensed at 200 ppm into the air by humidifiers. The mist is the same solution that you see being sprayed in a mist on fresh fruits and vegetables at grocery stores.

Our staff have received training in providing the most comforting care possible during this time. If you need any extra information regarding our response to COVID-19, all of us at Got Smile Dental Group would be happy to accommodate you!

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